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Thursday, June 29, 2017
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  New Connection Manager
By Ben Bahrenburg on Monday, March 24, 2008 @ 6:14 AM
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If you've been following the GoldFish development blog there will not be a suprise that a major focus of the release will be the support for multiple connections.  Starting wtih version 2.4 we've been introducing small pieces of the new connection navigate, now they're ready so hopefully it has been worth the wait.

You manage your login the same as always, but pressing the login button and using the login window to connect.  Once you're connected you'll notice something new, a listing of your open connections in the menu bar, like below.


Your connection will default to the login.  If you want to switch the database you're currently viewing you simply select the connection you wish to use.  This will automatically show you all of the window you've had in use for this connection.  Please note you still can set your security preferences on a connection by connection basis.

Once you are finished with your connections you can disconnect a selected connection or all connections as shown below.

Multiple connection support is one of the major features coming in this release along with:

  1. Visual Studio style code snippet support
  2. Better SQL Editor workflow
  3. New options menu
  4. Much, much more

Check back soon for more details on coming features.

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