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Sunday, April 30, 2017
About GoldFish.Net

GoldFish.Net is a powerful full feature Development Environment allowing you to develop, manage, and maintain your Oracle databases. This Careware application offers an ever expanding set of features such as a Schema Browser with QuickEdit functionality allowing you to update your application code within a single interface. GoldFish.Net also offers an integrated Report Builder allowing you to build complex reports and export them in a variety of formats.

The PL/SQL Editor and SQL Editor provides a feature rich development environment. Templates allow for the easy creation and alteration of most database objects while export wizards let you export your data in a variety of ways.

Friendly easy to use screens allow you to customize your experience, increase productivity.

GoldFish.Net offers plug-in capabilities allowing you to integrate your favorite applications into your GoldFish.Net IDE.  With the upcoming GoldFish.Net SDK you'll be able to build your own applications within the GoldFish.Net core framework.
For support or enhancement requests please send an email to support .

 This application requires Microsoft .Net framework version 2.0.  This can be freely downloaded at Microsoft.Com.

What Our Users Are Saying
I've used Gold Fish since 2003 and have been impressed with how far it has come. Over the years they've added most of the functionality I've requested. I'm looking forward to the 1.9 release, it will be a nice Christmas present.

  • GoldFish 3.7 Development Underway

    Sunday, September 07, 2008

    Development is now underway for version 3.7.  This version will introduce the Microsoft Office Ribbon style control to Goldfish, and the first release of the SOX auditing module.

  • GoldFish.Net 3.50.2 Released!!!!

    Sunday, August 03, 2008

    GoldFish.Net  3.50.2 is now available for download. 

    Thank you everyone for your help in this major release.

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